Getting Started

Who is SMiles App for?

SMiles is designed for anyone who owns a car🚗. As a car owner, you have to obey the law and insure your car. SMiles partners with well-known insurers to offer discounts to all its customers and wants to build a more sustainable society by rewarding responsible driving behaviors. Drive safely, drive less and drive more environment friendly.

📣Attention: Younger drivers pay a large insurance premium as new drivers. Drive with SMiles App to prove you are a responsible driver to reduce your insurance costs!

Where can I download the SMiles App for my phone?

You can download the app from both Apple App store or Google Play (we will be launching the app in Q1 2021)

Do I need to register to use the App?

No, you can try out the app without registration i.e., anonymously. However, if you want to obtain insurance with discounts, then registration is required.

How SMiles works

What’s special about SMiles?

SMiles App is built on top of distributed ledger technology (R3 Corda) that enables different enterprise partners to exchange data and offer services to end consumers in a secure and transparent way. Distributed ledger technology (DLT) allows us to offer seamless mobility services to you.

We use cryptocurrency as our reward token, which creates the real value that customers can use in the real life. Users can spend their token within the SMiles Mobi ecosystem or simply cash out them to other cryptocurrencies we support. We will be partnering with MobiFi to support direct cash out between SMiles and MobiFi coin in Q2 2021. More cryptocurrencies will be directly supported after that.

What problem does SMiles solve?

Nowadays, big cities and urban areas face growing transport challenges that caused by more people and less space for cars. Therefore, mobility as a service (MaaS) provides a solution to reduce traffic congestion and increase efficiency with shared and public modes of transportation.

In addition, SMiles encourges customers to share their responsible driving behaviors in Smiles App by rewarding. SMiles App enables mobility service providers to cope more efficiently with the needs of commuters in one single platform. It builds a more responsive, more efficient and more resilient transport system.

How does SMiles use my data?

We adhere to European GDPR standards – a gold standard in data protection and security – to protect your data. The collected data about your GPS information and driving speeds will be kept in SMiles servers for 3 months for us to provide proper services, then it is automatically deleted.

Why is my trip measurement not accurately displayed?

If you are only using our app to track your trip, the result might not be very accurate. We are working hard to increase the accuracy of tracking feature of the App. For the best results we recommend that you install our FREE wireless tracker in your car. It’s pretty easy to install: just insert the tracker into your car’s OBD-II port.

Pricing Plans

How much will SMiles cost me?

SMiles App does not cost you anything to use to begin collecting Smiles tokens. However, if you want to link your driving behavior to your insurance policy for discounts on your premiums, you may want to consider switching your insurance providers to one of our partners or simply start a new insurance policy with us.

Can I cancel my account plan at any time?

Yes, you can delete your account anytime you want. If you have an insurance policy linked to your Smiles account, you will first need to cancel your policy according to the terms & conditions of the insurance company.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Why do we need blockchain?

The lack of systemic direction is a key reason that the influx of different mobility modes into cities has increased the complexity but not the overall performance of today’s urban transport.

Therefore, MaaS still faces many challenges, especially to unlock value hidden in data available from mobility service providers is problematic and expensive. Transportation operators are resistant to collaborate, a ccentralized coordinating system can hardly establish a collaborative transportation ecosystem.

Smiles Mobi uses distributed ledger technology as a mean to make data exchange easier, transparent and easily controllable among different transportation operators. By removing such barriers between the service providers, we help accelerate the MaaS journey.

Why do we need cryptocurrency?

Incentives have been proven to be effective in changing people's behavior, however, the problem of the existing reward system and their loyalty program is that they are designed to stand siloed. Such a program intends to keep you stay in the program and continue to use the services ONLY from the same company. It unfriendly blocks consumers’ freedom to use other services on the market.

SMiles has developed a blockchain-based reward points coordinating system. Using cryptocurrency (tokens) generated by this system, not by any government or a non-profit organization, we ensure transparency and fairness, designed by code. The decentralized reward system allows the user to use a neural cryptocurrency across different businesses to enjoy the freedom of their rewards.

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