Another reward app that offers useless points? Of course not !!!

See what You Can Do with SMiles App

We built this solution for our responsible drivers to create a sustainable future together

Manage your vehicle
Manage your insurance policy
Earn SMiles token
Exchange SMiles for cash
Use discounted mobility services
Managing your insurance claim (coming soon)
Mobility as a service app on top of your auto insurance

Drive responsibly to earn money

The SMiles App rewards the driver to commit responsibilities by driving safely💯, driving less↘️ and driving environment friendly🌳.

Magic happens in SMiles App

Let’s See How It Work

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Start using SMiles App immediately after downloading it from your app store


Select your insurance

Choose your auto insurance with us and link the policy to your car


Earn SMiles Token

Earn token by driving safely, driving less and driving responsibly🌳


Mobility service & cash back

Use your SMiles token for mobility services or redeem it for cash back

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Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions

Where does the cash reward come from?

We use two ways to give back to our responsible drivers. 1) By exchange your driving data (such as mileage, gps, speed), we obtain a 20% discount form insurance companies for you. 2) We earn up to 10% commission if you purchase insurance from the insurance companies that partner with us. We give all the discount and commission back to you – our lovely customers!

How does SMiles App make money then?

Thanks for asking this, we do make money, even after giving away a lot to you guys. We offer mobility services in the app, as a Mobility As A Service (MaaS) platform, we take transactions from there. Oh, don't forget you can use your SMiles token to purchase the mobility services, with discounts.

Do I need to install a device in my car?

Yes, in order to save on your insurance policy you will need to install a device. Our GPS tracker measures the mileage of your trip to give an accurate estimation on how many SMiles reward tokens you are eligible to receive.

No, if you do not plan to purchase products from insurance companies partner with us, then you do not need to install a GPD device. You can still receive SMiles tokens by using your smart phone. However, smart phone tracking results are less accurate because of the lack of GPS device which influences your reward ratio.


Sign up for the pre-launch

The first 100 users to sign up will receive a 20% discount on their new insurance policy from insurance companies we collaborate with.

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